2018 Yearbook - final orders!

If you still haven't ordered the 2018 yearbook, now is your (last) chance to do so. Closing date for orders is the 30th September, so please make sure you have ordered and paid for the book by then to avoid disappointment.

We hope to be able to distribute the yearbooks by the middle of October.

If you have already ordered and paid for your yearbook, but not yet received it, it will be ordered as part of this second order.

Option 1: Payment by Bank Transfer
Please complete the following order-form after which an automated e-mail will inform you of the invoice number and bank-details for payment. Please note that your order will only be processed once payment has been received. (Please do not use this form if you plan to pay by paypal; if you are a teacher or educator, please put Teacher or Educator in the child's name field.)

First Name
E-Mail Address
Eldest Child's Surname
Eldest Child's Class

I am aware that the data provided by me may be stored and processed by the Förderverein for the purpose of the yearbook ordering and will be deleted once the yearbook distribution period is over.

I have read and understood the Data Protection Policy

Option 2: Payment by Paypal
Alternatively, you can also order and pay for the yearbook by paypal. Please type the surname and class of your eldest child into the box and then click the button to add one to your shopping basket (should you require more than one, you will be able to increase the order quantity as part of the paypal process) and use your paypal account to complete the transaction.

Surname & Class of eldest child (e.g. Smith 5.1)