Membership of the Friends of the Quentin Blake Europe School (Förderverein der Quentin Blake Europe School) costs €25 per month for the whole family, and helps to provide all children at the school with all sorts of extras, such as the library, newsletter, playground equipment, as well as supporting events during the school year, running the IT-system in the school and the provision of English-speaking teacher-assistants in classes, clubs and the "Lernzeit".

Please complete the following application form in order for us to process your membership. Alternatively, you could download this application form and hand it in at the library or ask the school secretary to put it in our pigeon hole.

Your Information:

Title Street and House Nr.
Surname Postcode
First Name City
E-Mail Address

Your family's information:

According to the rules and regulations of the Förderverein a further adult family member may be registered.
This person is also entitled to vote:

Title First Name
Surname E-Mail Address

All children (pupils, former pupils and other siblings) may join. Please provide the following information for us to process their membership (this information will also be used to process their library membership, for which you will be sent a contract by e-mail requiring a signature to complete the library-membership application):

Surname First Name Class at QBS Mother Tongue Date of Birth (DD.MM.YYYY)

I am aware that the data provided by me will be stored and processed by the Förderverein for the purpose of members' administration and for the library. Data that is no longer required for this purpose will be deleted immediately.

I have read and understood the Data Protection Policy and the Rules of Association.