Welcome to the website of the Förderverein der Quentin Blake Europe School.

Our school works best when the parents, students, teachers and the school administration pull together. We, the Förderverein, see our task as supporting this cooperation as much as possible. For this reason, we promote projects that the general resources available to the school would not be able to cover.

We therefore invite you to participate in our work and to support our Förderverein as a member. In this way you actively contribute to making the everyday school life of our students as enjoyable and rewarding as possible, examples of which include:

The English Library The most important aspect of the Förderverein's work is our wonderful English Library.With over 10,000 books as well as audio-books and DVDs, the library is available to all members of the school. Not only is the library staffed for all lessons, but there is also a parents' afternoon (Fridays) that are extended to 5pm to allow everyone to take advantage of this resource.

IT-Support Access to and responsible use of the digital world is more important than ever for our children. The Förderverein supports the maintenance of the I.T. facilities in the school through the employment of Herr Döse who spends two days a week helping the teachers and servicing the computers and Smart Boards.

Many other projects, such as the Newsletter, or the financing and organization of school activities would not be possible without the Förderverein.

Everyone can join us, even the smallest amount of funding makes it possible for the association to make the school and school-life happier and more contented environment.

Join us today! Be there and support the work of the Förderverein of the Quentin Blake School with your contribution!

In order to keep up-to-date with the launching of book-orders, concert tickets, etc, please sign up for the Newsletter.